Welcome! Im so glad you found me!

Welcome! Im so glad you found me!

Welcome I’m so glad you found me my name is Melvin the muscle but I didn’t always go by  that name. You see, it wasn’t too long ago that I actually was nothing but skin and bones with very low self-esteem trying to figure out my own passions/pursuits in life. I tried to dive into different fields of work but kept finding myself coming up empty, unenergized ,unmotivated and often times actually borderline depressed.

Realizing that something needed to change I started to focus more on my own body instead of my work. I always felt that I had more to offer. I was not tapping into my full potential. I didn’t have enough money to join a gym. instead I had to rely on body weight exercises in my small 600 square foot apartment and my dog,Able, as My Gym Bro. Together we started cranking out serious amounts of sweat,diving into mountains of books, and interesting experiments in the kitchen.

I learned a lot through trial and error of just getting s*** done throwing stuff to the wall and seeing what stuck. It wasn’t so much the work I was doing but the fact that I was actually doing work. What spawned from this consistency was a diligence in my workplace. I started to get recognized for my skills which led to a few promotions and was able to finally afford a gym membership.

As I walked into the gym that first day fresh new shoes, fresh gym shorts, awesome Nike moisture wicking t-shirt, Bluetooth headphones, and a new iPhone I was ready to make this gym my new laboratory of self experimentation. That was about 6 months ago, since then ive seen a radical change in my strength, size, and overall appearance. My jawline sharpened, abs bubbled from my belly, and finally could fill out a Tshirt! With these changes in my appearance it wasn’t long of course that I started getting compliments all my new-found physique. along with a lots of questions of how I did it?

After a while lots of my coworkers became puzzled because they see me often times eating cheese burgers french fries Pizza sushi and all kinds of other traditionally “non diet friendly food”.  I kept assuring them that it is possible to enjoy all the good foods that you like and still keep a slim waist. as I mentioned before it wasn’t the workouts that I was doing that was the biggest radical change it was the fact that I actually stepped into the president became consistent to pursuing the goals that I set for myself. But of course nobody wanted to hear that, yeah yeah. They wanted to know exactly what I was eating exactly what weight I was pushing exactly what machines I was using and of course if I was eating any raw eggs or crazy stuff that you see in the movies. Always answer their questions but after a while I began getting irritated with repeating myself over and over and over.  that’s when I had a friend recommend me start a blog she had a site already picked out for me which is the one that you landed on now. it’s very simple in design but the information that you found here will be completely revolutionary.

if you’re  me and desire to craft a better lifestyle with a stronger body a sharper mind and a killer workout to get anything you desire then I totally recommend you follow my blog and all the tips that I have for getting a stronger body.

I truly believe that any success it’s first started with your own success.

I don’t care if you’re  skinny fat short tall or somewhere in between if your desire is to find Optimal  body weight where you feel the most empowered then be sure to reach out let me hear your story and how I can help. I’ll have a lot of content on this below that you can use an Implement for free of course from time to time I will recommend some form of course that I’ve used in the past that helped me along the way to speed up my results. if you like what you see you on those offers then by all means pick up the course that I recommend I’ll probably receive a small affiliate commission for you purchasing through my link which I appreciate it cuz it helps to keep this blog going. but just know all you really need is a desire a plan and a commitment to consistency everything else will naturally fall into place and you’ll have that desired result.

If you’re just getting started here’s what I recommend.

First  want you to realize the expectations and put into perspective how you should set your goals. if you’ve never gone to the gym never done a push-up never ran around your block I never really put any effort into your body don’t expect to be the first line finisher at next week’s 5K race. that doesn’t mean that you can’t be the first one cross the finish line it just has to come at the right time we need to start with a foundation and then build on that solid foundation so that we can scale up appropriately if you try to climb too high too fast without a proper Foundation they’re going to crumble and fall down get discouraged and not want to get back up

so for starters what you can do its first simply commit to yourself and say that yes I’m going to get control of my body and start by really thinking about what it is you want your life image to be not your body image when your life image aligns with your body image then you’ll find Ultimate happiness and balance to what you need now that’s a very powerful sentence and  to do it justice that’s exactly what we’re going to start with so check out my first article on body image versus life image.

Thank you again for finding my blog and I look forward to bringing you value and some crazy wicked good content.